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  • Eva Rosengren

Vida won Rally Expert in DcH Vejle

Rushing to rally competition after work friday was worth the stress :-) Jørgen drove Vida to the Airport, so I only had to change clothes and drive directly to the competition after work. The course was a little difficult and with obvious tests in how obedient our dogs were ;-) the tempting 8 was in 1 side delicious fish and the other side a huge red teddybear, and the teddy was placed 1 meter behind the box where we had to send our dogs to lie down... Vida was offcourse very obedient and did what I told her (with an anxious voice ;-) ) the only points , and that cost us 3 points! Still enough points to win the class :-D

In DcH we also have open class, in which we qualify for DcH Danish Championship. It is a class where the judge is allowed to use 3 signs from championclass, so anything is allowed :-P This day it was not a difficult course for us, but still Vida was doing something other than I thought I asked, so 2 excersizes we had to do over which means minus 3 points X 2. We ended up as 7th out of 59 participans, so I am more than satisfied, and we are not going for the DM qualify this year anyways...

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