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  • Eva Rosengren

Spy & Mulan puppies are here

Sunday 24/3 9 puppies were born, partly at the vet's partly home. Mulan started contractions without me having detected her drop in temp at any point, so I was a little surprised. She had green discharge so I called my vet who suggested I came in, so they could react quickly if she had to go to c-section. Vet was unable to examine Mulan, so she wanted to go directly to operation, but I thought it was a little hasty, since Mulan only had been having contractions for 1 hour before getting to the clinic.

The vet on call would call the back up both for advice but also to assist on c-section. 3 minutes after getting back into the examine room Mulan gave birth to her first puppy. She wanted nothing to do with the puppy though. I had to cut the cord, rub life into him and help him to the milk... Mulan was not fan of that little thing biting her nipple. Second puppy was a tiny boy of 270 gr but he was very painful for Mulan to get out, so she cried and was frustrated and I thought it was because of the puppy already born, but it was the birth of number 2. She still did not help with anything after they came out, but she was giving birth quite normally now without any issues, so I decided to drive home after the birth of number 6. 7th puppy was born 1 minute before we got home, and Mulan accepted all puppies at her tits when I presented them 1 by 1... she started to accept they were hers and she began to wash and clean them and biting the cords. I was relieved, so I did not face 8 weeks of reserve mother. 8th and 9th were born home without complications and Mulan helped a little with cleaning them right after birth.

She has been a very serious mother since and did not leave them the first 48 hours except for going to the toilet and eating herself. Now she is more relaxed in her new role, so she was simply in chock and pain because of the things coming out of her ;) Unfortunately a tiny boy of 235 gr at birth, gave up on life 36 hours after being born. He was feisty and did gain weight the first 24 hours, and he was normal functioning when I went to bed monday evening, and during the night Mulan was in the box all night long, and I was helping the puppies to the tits when they were too upset and frustrated during the night. Tuesday morning he was very quiet and did not want to eat, so I tried dripping a little milk into him that he swallowed, but soon after he took his last breath. Sooo sad to experience this, and this is the brutal and tough side of being a breeder.

The 8 remaining puppies are 2 black tricolor boys, 1 blue merle boy, 4 black tricolor girls and 1 blue merle girl. There are 4/4 long tails/short tails. We have available puppies from this litter. Please take a read on Puppies page what I value and how I match puppies with their families.

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