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When addressing me for puppy inquiry, please tell me a little about yourself and your family, your expectations to the puppy, why you chose the aussie, and how you plan to activate the puppy. Please read the paragrafs below so you get an idea of what I value.

All puppies are registered in DKK and will leave no earlier than 8 weeks old (sometimes at 9-10 weeks). They have DNA health results from their parents in the guidance book that will follow the puppies, with good-to-know-stuff about your new family member. I follow the bio sensor programme, so the puppies will do some exercises from 3 days old to 16 days old. It is meant to improve the adult dog to handle stress better and make them more resistance to diseases, and it is also believed to make them more active and curious. 

Furthermore before the puppies leave from here, they will have following things done:

  • 3 times deworming

  • 1st vaccine

  • ECVO eye examine

  • health check at vet and a health book will follow the puppy

  • chipped and registered at DKK & Hunderegisteret

  • checked at a chiropractor

As you can see on the page "puppy life" they will explore the world outside my property from the age of 6 weeks approximately. I will take them driving, to the ocean, the lake, forrest, city, the vet, a farm to se different animals, meet children, cats and other dogs. I will have a very experienced danish breeder to evaluate each puppy, bone by bone, and from that eval. it is easier to tell which puppy is suited for which sport. 

Feel free to make contact at anytime if you are interested in a puppy, and we arrange for you to come meet me and the dogs. You are welcome to let me know if you have special wishes for boy/girl, tail length, color, activity level and such things, but I will make the desicion on best match based on my knowledge about each puppy's personality and what they are best suited for (agility, obedience, show, tracking, herding) held together with what you tell me you are going to do with your aussie, and what I observe from your visits. I make puppies for myself, so I will normally keep 1 or 2 from each litter, and the rest will be available for loving families. 


In their suitcase they will have a blanket with scent from mother, brothers and sisters, quality food from Royal Canin and Kingsmoor, their pedigree from Dansk Kennel Klub, health book from the vet with the first vaccine, a book with guidance on how to take best care of your new aussie puppy and the health proof of parents. 

I expect the future families to make x-rays of hips and elbows at the age of 1 1/2 - 2 years of age, and that you at least the first 2 years commit to training and activating the puppy. They will still need activating and always healthy exercise but the first 2 years are crucial to the behaviour for the rest of their lives. 

A few good advices. Visit 2-3 different breeders, both to see the different dogs, but also to meet different breeders and find one you feel is the right one for you. Since the aussie is getting more and more popular, you might not get a puppy from the first litter, so start looking as soon as you start thinking of getting a puppy, and let the breeder know you are looking.

Hearthaven By Eva Rosengren, Stakroge

+45 26 95 94 72 eva.rosengren@icloud.com