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  • Eva Rosengren

International Show & Obedience Roskilde

Great weekend in Roskilde this past weekend! Holly was entered the showring both days and was second best female puppy both days. She behaved well, which is the most important thing, since puppy class is only training for serious class further on in life :-D

Vida was competing in obedience both days, and she started out doing so great on saturday! She was focused almost the entire program, only 2 times she was out of focus because a best friend was outside the ring... she ended up as 3rd winner of the day with amazing 248,5 points. 1st time outdoor and the new program so this is really great performance from Vida <3 Sunday she was a little more out of focus... probably tired from spending 3 entire days in Holly's company ;-) she showed some good things but also it is clear that we need practise practise practise :-) 232,5 points and 4th on the day.

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