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  • Eva Rosengren

Norway tour 28june to 5july

Vida earned both a small and a big CAC in Bodø going BOB both days. The week was spend in Hellandsjøen just south west of Trondheim, in perfect surroundings with possiblities to bath several times a day, since our cabin was situated just 100 m from the water! Sunday 5th july we participated at the International dogshow in Trondheim, and Vida won her class, and was placed 4th Best Female with Cacib :-) yay our first cacib (y)

Vida captured in the nice surroundings near Hellandsjøen Norway
Totally naked and ungroomed but shows her obvious advantages <3
Fun in a boat

Heimsvatnet sjø Norway

Crossing the Polar circle it was too obvious to take a nice snow picture there in june ;-)

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