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  • Eva Rosengren

Danish Championship Obedience 2014

The weekend 30.aug DKK set the Championship in Vamdrup unfortunately the weather was not on our side. There was a hard wind and the sky was grey and the rain poored down most of the day.

Heaven was 8th in LP1 and she worked really well under the circumstances... she was just out of heat and is always really inactive for 2 months after, so I did not expect her to shine her best. Further more she is NOT fond of working in rain ;-) running in the woods or at the lake or beach does not bother her in pooring rain, but working, NO thanks!!

The jugde was very strict since this was the 20 best dogs, so no mistakes were unseen :-) fair for everyone at a championship! I will let the videos talk for themselves... I was very satisfied with 162 points and placed 12th on the day. We have only half a season of training and only 2 competitions behind us in LP1, so I am more than happy with the points and placement.

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