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Puppies 8 weeks old and moving to new families

The puppies turned 8 weeks old last monday, and that weekend they were both evaluated mentally and in structure. Tuesday we had vet appointment for vaccine, health check and eye check. All did well and was found healthy. Tuesday Wish (one of my keepers) left with Sabrina, wedensday 2 more left, and friday and saturday the last 2 left, and even Hero was kidnapped by Henrijette so he can go to new place and have his own new life experiences away from mommy. I am so thankfull for that.

Here are the puppies at 8 weeks

Booker - Hearthaven Fairy Fairytale

Hero - Hearthaven Simple Lovestory

Troy - Hearthaven Happily Ever After

Wish - Hearthaven Wish Upon The Stars

JJ - Hearthaven Once Upon A Time

Venus - Hearthaven Mirror Mirror On The Wall

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