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  • Eva Rosengren


Opdateret: 28. aug. 2021

Spy and I took the long drive to Ljungskile in Sweden to attend the first Nordic Show since COVID19 outbreak. Spy already had a danish and a norwegian NORD CAC, so we needed "just" the 3rd in either Sweden or Finland so I have been searching for a show open for me to enter, and finaly we succeeded!! He won the champion class, then best male, and finaly Best Of Breed. So both swedish cac and the final NORDIC CAC!! And thereby new NORICCH.

I changed my mind about staying for the finals, so we moved the camp to being close to the mainring and in shadow, because it was hot and sunny. 6 hours later the finals started and because of the huge number of dogs entered, the group judge of group 1 was not finished, so instead of being first in the finals we was second last :P Well it was worth the wait, because we took Best In Group 1 and got the honour to run for BIS, but without any placement. It was fun though ;)

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