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  • Eva Rosengren


Steven aka Hearthaven Once Upon A Time from Jagger & Jesse litter was a superstar at the clubshow in Køge saturday June 29th. He took Junior CAC and BOB Junior both shows, he also took the adult CAC both shoes by winning 3rd best male after the 2 champion males. And the topping was BIS3 and BIS1 Junior in the 2 finals!! WTG Steven and Pernille, who was so sweet to handle Steven throughout the day. Steven is owned by Stine and André and I am so happy and proud on their behalf of this young handsome boys CV so far. 4 shows, 3 junior CAC, 1 Junior Cacib, 2 Junior Club CAC, 3 adult CAC. Stine and André are the ones training him to be able to do this with new handlers each time. Well done!! Also keeping him so fit and in shape that the judge find him attractive to set him in front.

I am so happy and in awe of the sweet people in this breed. Always lending a hand whenever someone ask for help. Stine was alone in Køge with Steven, and she had my DKK tent which she never had seen how to raise, so I asked the aussie family to help her, and of course they did! THANK YOU!!

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