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  • Eva Rosengren

Much expected litter finally born dec 20th

The Spy & Hazel litter was finally born on sunday december 20th. 5 first born naturally, but the 6th got stuck so we had to drive to the clinic and ended up with C-section. The 6th puppy did not make it, a beautiful blue merle nbt girl, but the remaining 5 puppies were very much alive and ready for the world. 10 puppies is definitely more than enough but Hazel is an excellent mother and she is doing fine after the operation. I am not completely satisfied with the weight gaining on the puppies, so I supply mommy's milk with goat milk, and they love it. They all gain weight but very slowly, and I prefer to be ahead of time if something happens. Otherwise i prefer mother to take care of everything herself.

Some pictures from their first days, enjoy :)

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