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  • Eva Rosengren

Jagger & Jesse puppies are here!

Monday april 3rd Jesse whelped 7 healthy little monsters. 5 boys and 2 girls and they are already getting fatter and more active everyday. Here they are in order of birth

BTM1 long tail Trigger - Hearthaven Starry Starry Night, 480 gr 0545

BTM2 nbt Booker - Hearthaven Dairy Fairytale, 480 gr 0720

BTM3 nbt Hero - Hearthaven Simple Lovestory, 398 gr 0745

BMM1 nbt JJ - Hearthaven Once Upon A Time, 422 gr 0815

RMF nbt Wish - Hearthaven Wish Upon The Stars, 418 gr 0900

BMM2 nbt Troy - Hearthaven Happily Ever After, 350 gr 0917

BTF long tail Venus - Hearthaven Mirro Mirror On The Wall, 356 gr 0940

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