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  • Eva Rosengren

Puppies are here

After a tough start, it seems that we are moving forward and the 6 remaining puppies are doing great and getting fatter everyday. Vida was struggling with a little too high temperature and not producing enough milk, but she is doing better and better. She has not been neglecting the puppies for one second though, she is an excellent mother and she did another impressive job giving birth to 8 puppies in just 3 hours this Wednesday july 10th..

1 red girl never took her first breath and a little black boy gave up after just 36 hours of life. This is very hard to experience as a breeder and I was devastated watching both giving up on life. I hope there is a deeper meaning and reason for these things to happen...

I want to make it clear that this litter WAS NOT planned but a conspiracy between Vida and Spy. Spy is too young for making HD og ED x-rays so I will make those when he has finished growing but since his family is full of excellent health results, I expect nothing less from him.

So let me introduce the very unexpected litter of 4 girls and 2 boys, sired by Northbay's Take A Glance At X'Sell "Spy" out of Illumineer Heartbreaker "Vida":

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