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  • Eva Rosengren

New Danish Champion at Double IDS Herning 4-5 nov

Wow what a great weekend and spent in the best company on top!! Great results always helps ;-) and indeed did I get great results!

Saturday the kids had their first official show and they did well and more important, they behaved so well and handed out kisses everywhere they went. Colter entered the ring as had he been there a million times before, just as expected and like his mother. Very promising and later BOB baby.

Sister Hazel was a little more shy and dazzled by the surroundings, but she did well and got very promising as well.

Main ring no love for Colter, except for all the nice baby bitches he dazzled in the prejudging ring ;-) He is such a pleasure to show... he just hands out kisses to everyone and since he is still a baby, everyone receives them without getting angry with him, still ;-)

Sunday a copy paste of saturday, except Hazel had put the shyness behind her and instead she had a party goofing and dancing around ;-)

Sunday I brought Holly as well, and OMG did she make my day!!! She won the open class, and she actually went all the way and took Best Bitch, Cacib, CAC, the title Danish Winner 2017!!!!! And this was the CAC she needed after turning 2 years of age (one month ago) to become Danish Champion!!!

Both days I had the pleasure to handle and show Fresco, brother to Vida, so uncle to the children, and he was such sweet boy to show. Both days he got excellent but no cac unfortunately. He is a complete male version of Vida, so I am a huge fan of his off course, so thank you Tatjana for letting me handle him!

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