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  • Eva Rosengren

Lots of new adventures

This weekend we have had quite an expansion of the world... Family Hass came to see the puppies again, and we took a trip to downtown Grindsted ;-) except they are too big for the harness I have, it was a great experience and lots of people went crazy to touch them. They enjoyed everything.

Sunday we were on a visit in Nyborg, where they explored a huge garden with a small forrest (30 kvm pinetrees ;-) ) and chickens. They had so much fun and used up all energy, for a moment at least ;-)

Later we took a short trip to the beach, since we were so close. The kids did not see that much beach or ocean, because a group of students were lunching on the beach, and they wanted to cuddle and the puppies wanted that more than experiencing the new environment ;-) they learned new trick in digging... the sand is perfect for digging, så they have really got their digging skills extended to big joy for their new families, I suppose ;-)

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