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Videos from a busy day off

Busy day for the puppies when I have a day off from work ;-) One of the new families gave us a visit from the morning. We went to the public area/park where I live, and they had a blast. Not so much the transportation... in a canvas cage on my grooming table ;-) not appreciated!! But the freedom and great place very much appreciated! See for yourselves...

Later we went to the vet for socializing and weighing, so we could tell which kind of deworming we should give them for their last deworming. They are from 3,55 kg to 4,65 kg and offcouse Elvis still is the tiny one, but Vega is now the heavy one ;-) It was a busy time at the clinic so we had to take them one by one, but they all did great and thought it was a funny place with many kind dogs and people and funny smells.

On our way home we stopped again at the lake, mostly for Heaven and Vida could get a good run and Heaven a swim, but the kids had a blast there as well. Even though it was by accident, Vega, Colter and Hazel were out in the water, and they did not hate it like the other times they got wet feet. I think they are swimming before their mama did ;-)

So enjoy the videos, one is from my garden where Hazel, Colter and Riley are making funny jumps...

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