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  • Eva Rosengren

Long and adventurous day

We have had visitors today, Line-Marie and her 6 months old son Lukas. So second time they se a baby close up, and he gave them the complete packet ;-) yelling, pulling, crying and off course most just quiet nice baby :-)

Later we took the drive to the butcher in Grindsted for the bones they could not deliver yesterday... today they had them prepared, and yummy they are delicious! They have just tasted them and like them a lot. The video is when they just had them for a couple of minutes... later they were sharing, and some did not want to share "Colter doesn't share food" ;-) if anyone have seen Joey in Friends...??

on our way home from the butcher we had a short stop in the woods. It was raining and other dogs were there, so it was just a quick stop to give them yet another impression of that environment.

1 hour sleep at home before they were put into the car again (this time too tired to be barking or crying) without a noise from them! We drove to the lake where we met up with Holly again, and this time Holly was herding them too much so she was put in the car ;-) they were to "all over" for her, so she wanted to control them. No video or pictures from there, because it was raining. Leona by accident ran out into the water, which she didn't appreciate as much as the humans watching her ;-)

Now they are sleeping and I expect for a while... ;-)

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