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  • Eva Rosengren

Trip to the lake

The puppies, Vida, Heaven and I made a short roadtrip to Arnborg Badesø this afternoon. The puppies are getting stronger, more curious and mad if they dont get their way, so I thought it was about time to explore the world... they take everything with curiosity and they think the world is too small in their puppy pen, so whenever they have to stay there, so they are telling me that over and over with capital letters ;-) So today we made their world a little bigger.

Pictures and videos from the lake, and also video from the domestic training :-) Also pictures from their "prison" and as you can see it has been extra secures at the entrance, so they dont escape... today when I got home from work, Colter was outside the puppy pen!! I need camera to see how he does it ;-)

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