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  • Eva Rosengren

Kassel National & International Show 7-8. dec 2013

A bunch of Danes drove all the way down to Kassel, Germany in the beginning of December when the first snowstorm of the year was announced :-) Luckily we didn't get that much snow, but some of us spend a LOT of time waiting at the gates of the bridge connecting Sjælland with Fyn for the storm to let them pass. A very good reason for living in Jylland :-)Saturday 7. dec National Show:Vida got a Very Promissing and won Puppy Class. She also was BOS Puppy. Heaven got an Excellent in Intermedia Class and was placed 3rd.Sunday 8. dec International Show:Vida got another Very Promissing and won Puppy Class and this time went BOB Puppy, wuhuuu!! Heaven got another Excellent and was placed 3rd again in Intermedia Class

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