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  • Eva Rosengren

1 week old

Opdateret: 11. okt. 2020

1 week has passed and all 8 puppies are getting bigger and fatter everyday just as they are supposed to. Vida is a great mom as always, and she is doing great also. She is already out of the house on 2 daily walks alone with me, so she is really cool mom, but hurrying back as soon as we turn our direction to home ;)

Hearthaven Love On Repeat "Demi" BMF

Hearthaven Second Time Around "Matrix" BTM

Hearthaven Twice Is Better "Hacker" BMM

Hearthaven Same But Different "Stellar" RTF

Hearthaven Once Again "Landon" RTM

Hearthaven Set To Repeat "Dalton" BMM

Hearthaven Version Two Point O "Gracie" RTF

Hearthaven Copy Paste "Striker" RMM

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