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Bentley & Vida litter

KST and ostepathy

September 10, 2017

Today we had a visit at Key2Balance for a check up before leaving for their new lifes. They all behaved as well as expected ;-) None of the babies had a lot of issues, but small things were corrected and they are ready to rumble for another couple of months :-) 

Now they are sleeping and hopefully loong time ;-) 

Getting wilder

August 22, 2017

The puppies are getting more wild and confident home, and they are running and jumping like crazy at home. They are confident in most situations at home... the vacuum cleaner is a strange and funny thing, so they have no fear for stuff like that. Today we went on a roadtrip to the lake. The drive out was noisy ;-) the trip home very quiet ;-) they were only at the lake for 10 minutes, so they do run out of batteries, if you just present them for something new ;-) 

Puppies exploring the world

August 16, 2017

So this morning I woke up to 3 puppies messing around my livingroom outside the puppy pen... Colter is trying to get out all the time and is screaming like crazy when he is bored and want excitement. Well I hope he got excitement inviting 2 gang members to join him in freedom ;-) They spent all time outside in the garden, whenever I am home and it is not raining too bad. They are getting wilder and are barking and growling at every opportunity they get. Hope the growling and barking part will get boring before they are going to their families ;-) 

Fotoshoot with Helle Green

August 14, 2017

Oh we had a fun day fotoshooting the puppies :-) first bathing and then fotos, both stacking and sitting to each their page to present them better, and also lots of funny pictures... the best is the groupfoto, or should I say intended group foto ;-) 

Toilet box for many uses

August 07, 2017

The babies have moved to the livingroom sunday after I found 3 pups on the bedroom floor outside the welpingbox when I came home from work sunday. Now they have a bigger area to explore, and hopefully Vida has gotten used to it before all families start coming on visit this weekend. They have enjoyed my day of outside the welpingbox in the livingroom and love it. They have a nice toilet box and as you can see it is being used... just not for that purpose ;-) 

Eyes are opening

August 03, 2017

Awww the eyes are starting to show now... not all but most of them have small eyes, so in a couple of days they will be wide open and staring to be able to use them, and then they are starting to be real dangerous ;-) I cannot wait!

Day 8

July 28, 2017

1 week old and all have more or less doubled their weight. Still the smallest is half the size as the biggest, but all thriving and are almost walking on all 4 legs. They are still acting like they are on cream crack as soon as they wake up ;-) 

Day 6

July 26, 2017

Fat and gorgeous are they all! They are getting stronger and are actualy running around in the box now, so imagine how they are in a couple of weeks when they can see as well... cannot wait to experience that. I love them 💙❤️

Day 5

July 25, 2017

All puppies has gained weight again and all have accepted being handled by me... as in the picture. Some where more cooperative than others 😜 They are really showing attitude now, I love to watch them 😍 I am nt sure I want to go back to work on monday ☺️

Day 4

July 24, 2017

They all have gained weight from yesterday so I am satisfied. They already show their attitude, from very sweet and calm also when handled, to hysterical and screaming when he cannot find the milkbar fast enough 😂😂 I think I will wait a few days before naming them, so their names are suitable for their personality. They have had their nails cut for the first time, and some were ok others not so much. 

Day 3

July 23, 2017

Vida is taking such great care of her babies, and she spends almost all day in the box with them. They are gaining weight except 1 who is just keeping his birth weight. He is not struggling in any way and he is just as much in the milkbar, so hopefully he will start gaining a few gram soon. Soon they will have their names... just need to feel them a little more before I decide :-) 

Thriving in the big world

July 22, 2017

First 24 hours has gone great and Vida is such a great mother. They are all keeping their weight or gained a little, but they seem to be thriving, which is the most important part. The litter counts 6 puppies, 3 boys and 3 girls. 1 Blue Merle boy long tail, 1 Red Tri boy NBT, 1 Red Merle boy NBT, 1 Red Tri girl long tail, 2 Black Tri girls with NBT and long tail. All beautiful and rich in color - they did great paintwork, their parents 

Puppies are born!

July 21, 2017

Incredible experience to watch Vida become a mother and how natural she just takes every role. My heart is bursting with love for both Vida and her babies. A very special thanks to Andrea for letting me have e little piece of Bentley :-* And thank you my besties Helle, Naja, Henrijette and Pernille for bystanding me in my first litter! 

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