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Behind the scenes


2012 was the year I was ever so lucky to choose my first aussie and it was a little by chance :-) I had just lost my border collie Oscar, and since I had had my challenges in controlling his herding instinct, I thought I would go for a different kind of herding dog and I liked the description of the aussie. I love their individual beauty, their incredible intelligence, their ability to work with anything you ask them to, and their cute cuddle gene makes them the perfect family member in my house.


I try to have no more than 4 dogs living with me, because I like to have the time to train each of them. This is why I have some of my dogs living with friends and family so they can have exactly the same as I prefer my dogs have, a family that have the time to train and cuddle with them. Thank you to all the friends and families that love my dogs just as much as me and take such good care of them!

Obedience is my preferred sport with my dogs, but I also show them in Denmark and around Europe, so I drive Europe flat in my Caddy. I would like to work in herding but for herding you need land and sheep and I have neither. Also I need more time than the 24 hours the day offers me now ;-) Heaven tried sheep 1 time and was a natural. She rounded up the sheep, when the instructor was explaining me some tricks. Impressive!


The kennel name is carefully put together from my 2 first girls. Heart comes from Vida's kennelname Heartbreaker, and Haven comes from Heaven, but since Hearthaven both sounds better and gives better meaning than Heartheaven, I ended up with Hearthaven. The meaning itself is also so incredibly me - My hearts place to go whenever it hurts, is presicely the dogs, so a better name I could not ask for. Thank you Naja Baaring for coming up with that genius mix of my 2 girls!


I try to stay well educated in "dogs" in general, but the more I learn, the more I find that I need to learn and study, so I don't believe I ever finish learning "dog". Our kennel club offers many great seminars, and I have offcourse finished the "breeders education". I attend a lot of handling and training seminars as well, and I have been to a seminar on color genetics, which is very interesting. I am also educated trainer through the Kennel Club.


Health wise we are lucky and have no restrictions in our breed because we have so serious and responsible breeders in Denmark. I carefully follow the development of the diseases in our breed and test my dogs for the present ones.


Look under "NEWS" for latest updates and results

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