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  • Eva Rosengren

All healthy puppies!

We have now put all health exam behind us, and the puppies are ready to leave for their new adventures this weekend... Yesterday we had the final check at our vet, and all did very well. Some of the puppies did not like the vaccine and some did not like to be looked in the ears ;-) They fell a sleep before we were half way through the lot.

Last week we had the ECVO eye exam and all were clear!! YES!!! Also they want for a check at Key2Balance and except for minor tensions and some bias in some joints they were perfectly fine.

Also a structure test is done, and they are a very homogenous litter, so I am very proud and thrilled to have a first litter of this quality. They did so well the 2 beautiful parents! In general they have good heads with nice width, nice body mass, great color and pigmentation, and most of all they are very equal in score, so very homogenous. I have so high hopes for all their futures.

We have been in Frederikshåb Plantage and the cute picture below is from that day. They met and greeted a moutainbiker, and luckily he thought it was great that they blocked his way ;-) Also we made a trip to Svanholm Sø just outside Stakroge, and they had a blast, so my nerves were well done after ;-) up and down the slopes, in and out the bushes and down the water...

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