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  • Eva Rosengren

Rally trials in Vejen at the international dogshow sunday

Wuhu we had a succesfull day at the Rally trials in Vejen today :-) Vida had a nice trial in Novice class and got amazing 96 points and was placed as 3rd in the class!! She didnt mind all the fuss around her in the mainring at the international dogshow. Amazing that her young mind can distract from flags in the wind and people running right besides the course. She just worked her a.. off as always :-)

Heaven was so crazy and focused when I took her out of her cage and started warming up. In a split she made all the tasks I asked of her, so I was very excited to see how she would work in the ring. She stayed as focused all the way, except for the tempting 8 where the nasty judge had put her left-over cheese from her breakfast ;-) that was too much for Heaven, so she sniffed to the bowl but came right back to me when I called. The thing is with these faults in Rally, that if you have to stop to get the dog back in focus, you actually have to start that excersize all over. I calculated in my mind that I would prefer to lose all 10 points (to not make the excersize) instead of breaking the great rythm and focus we had. So finally with the other 2 mistakes I made we got 84 points, which is exactly 1 point too little to get another leg toward the Rally Advanced title :-P But it was enough points to be 2nd in the class, so it was not an easy course. Great to have Heaven back focused on the Rally course :-D

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